Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, we pursue work throughout the 48 contiguous United States. Our business profile includes commercial projects in retail, entertainment, educational, athletic complexes, office buildings, denominational, warehouse, municipal, federal, and many other types of specialty interests. Our depth in management personnel does not limit SMC Builders to any one field or type of project. Additionally, we are proficient in project delivery methods including design/build, construction manager at risk, general contracting and other construction consulting services.

SMC Builders is the vertical construction division of Curran Contracting, located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Over seventy years of experience, proven business practices and procedures have ensured high quality projects and complete customer satisfaction.


how-we-do-businessComplete Quality Assurance

In short, Total Quality Management is the most important principal. We design specific Quality Control Plans for every project and take a proactive approach to quality control so problems are addressed before they arise. Items such as workmanship, documentation, material storage, submittals and non-conformance work are all examined. We go a step further to detail procedures for testing and quality assurance on specific areas of importance and utilize a three-step approach to quality assurance inspections.


Commitment to Safety

We have developed a company-wide safety plan that is compliant with or exceeds current OSHA guidelines. Our plan encompasses hazard communication, emergency response and many other topics consistent with hazards in construction.


Effective Project Management

We know the construction process and industry inside and out. We understand the responsibilities under a wide variety of project delivery methods so we employ experienced managers and supervisors who are specially trained in their respective fields and customize our procedures to exceed our clients’ needs. Our team ensures compliance, resolves problems, provides fair and accurate pricing and provides supporting information for any changes that arise during projects.


Timely Delivery

Project delivery is critical to client satisfaction and our record speaks to consistency in scheduled completions. We establish time frames that directly relate to our clients’ needs and take the initiative to push projects as quickly as possible while maintaining efficiency. We have the expert ability to forecast and absorb problems or delays to ensure a project is completed on schedule.


SMC Builders was started in 2011 by Curran Contracting in collaboration with Steve Medlin and his team. The company was founded on the principle that “client satisfaction will lead to repeat customers.”

Curran Contracting brings exceptional corporate management, structure and financial strength to SMC Builders. Steve Medlin and his team provide building expertise from their long history on an assortment of nationwide construction projects as a general contractor, construction manager and design/builder.

We believe SMC Builders can exceed all of our clients’ expectations in completing projects on time and on budget. We set high standards and expect successful results in quality, safety, project management and above all client satisfaction.

For more information about Curran Contracting visit currancontracting.com.

We strive to handle our business with professionalism, integrity and honesty. Our success is the result of our commitment to our core values. These important principles, and our adherence to them, guide every aspect of our business.


The SMC Builders family consists not just of our family of employees but extends to our employees’ families, customers, strategic partners, vendors and the communities in which we operate. We believe in a “people first” approach to run a successful business. With this as the foundation of our values, we believe the possibilities for us to grow are limitless.


Our commitment to “people first” is woven throughout our organization. Never forgetting that our business decisions impact people’s lives, we infuse fairness and professionalism into all that we do. The dignity and courtesy we extend to our family of employees carries on to our customers, business associates and vendors.


We believe the best work is done side by side, striving for shared goals. We treat business relationships as true partnerships. We align with people who share our core values and exceed or complement our expertise so that by working together, we all succeed.


We have a company culture that is rooted in doing the right thing, even if no one knows or notices. We abide by unwavering standards of ethics and the values of reliability and trustworthiness to surpass our clients’ expectations. Our integrity – who we are and what we do even when no one is around – is paramount.


We are constantly planning, innovating and improving to deliver today’s innovation for tomorrow’s success. We invest and reinvest to ensure the health and longevity of our company and employees. We continually train our workforce to ensure we deliver our clients an exceptional project on time.

our-ownershipCurran Contracting, a subsidiary of the Curran Group, owns SMC Builders. Curran Group is a family-owned and operated holding company located in Crystal Lake, IL. They assist in developing our strategic plans and provide resources that enable us to continually respond to our customer’s needs.

To learn more about the Curran Group, please visit currangroup.com.






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