We strive to handle our business with professionalism, integrity and honesty. Our success is the result of our commitment to our core values. These important principles, and our adherence to them, guide every aspect of our business.


The SMC Builders family consists not just of our family of employees but extends to our employees’ families, customers, strategic partners, vendors and the communities in which we operate. We believe in a “people first” approach to run a successful business. With this as the foundation of our values, we believe the possibilities for us to grow are limitless.


Our commitment to “people first” is woven throughout our organization. Never forgetting that our business decisions impact people’s lives, we infuse fairness and professionalism into all that we do. The dignity and courtesy we extend to our family of employees carries on to our customers, business associates and vendors.


We believe the best work is done side by side, striving for shared goals. We treat business relationships as true partnerships. We align with people who share our core values and exceed or complement our expertise so that by working together, we all succeed.


We have a company culture that is rooted in doing the right thing, even if no one knows or notices. We abide by unwavering standards of ethics and the values of reliability and trustworthiness to surpass our clients’ expectations. Our integrity – who we are and what we do even when no one is around – is paramount.


We are constantly planning, innovating and improving to deliver today’s innovation for tomorrow’s success. We invest and reinvest to ensure the health and longevity of our company and employees. We continually train our workforce to ensure we deliver our clients an exceptional project on time.


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