how-we-do-businessComplete Quality Assurance

In short, Total Quality Management is the most important principal. We design specific Quality Control Plans for every project and take a proactive approach to quality control so problems are addressed before they arise. Items such as workmanship, documentation, material storage, submittals and non-conformance work are all examined. We go a step further to detail procedures for testing and quality assurance on specific areas of importance and utilize a three-step approach to quality assurance inspections.


Commitment to Safety

We have developed a company-wide safety plan that is compliant with or exceeds current OSHA guidelines. Our plan encompasses hazard communication, emergency response and many other topics consistent with hazards in construction.


Effective Project Management

We know the construction process and industry inside and out. We understand the responsibilities under a wide variety of project delivery methods so we employ experienced managers and supervisors who are specially trained in their respective fields and customize our procedures to exceed our clients’ needs. Our team ensures compliance, resolves problems, provides fair and accurate pricing and provides supporting information for any changes that arise during projects.


Timely Delivery

Project delivery is critical to client satisfaction and our record speaks to consistency in scheduled completions. We establish time frames that directly relate to our clients’ needs and take the initiative to push projects as quickly as possible while maintaining efficiency. We have the expert ability to forecast and absorb problems or delays to ensure a project is completed on schedule.



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